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Live Onstage: You!


The Hi-Fi Club's weekly Musician's Jam Night has just the thing to help you conquer stage fright: one-buck drafts! Every Tuesday, budding guitarists, drummers, and keyboard players take the stage to jam with the World Record Players, the club's host band, which features members of Everest, Sultans of Bing, and Anne E. DeChant's group. And it all washes down with cheap brew. "It's very musically diverse, and every style is welcome," says Jimmy Maler, the Hi-Fi's manager. "Do your thing." It's just like an open-mic night, but with audience members shredding axe or pounding drums with a backup band and special guests (like Warrant's Billy Morris, who owns the Hi-Fi). If you don't feel like lugging in your own gear, the club provides all the instruments you'll need.
Tuesdays, 8 p.m.-2 a.m., 2006

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