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Restaurants and theaters both notoriously operate in continual danger of financial collapse, which doesn't soften the blow of Carousel Dinner Theatre's recently announced demise due to economic hard times. But perhaps bearing that in mind makes it all the more remarkable that a company combining those two services was able to exist at all - let alone for 35 years. Ah, well: No more mashed potatoes and well-done green beans with your chicken and Grease.

On the bright side, Summit County's other theater that employs union actors - Hudson-based Actors' Summit Theater - has stepped forward to honor tickets already purchased for Carousel shows. Tickets for Carousel's Doo Wop, which would have opened this week, will be honored by Actors' Summit at either Russians in Love (which opens January 15) or Year of Magical Thinking (February 12). Tickets for Carousel's My Fair Lady will be honored by Actors' Summit at either Year of Magical Thinking or Spoon River Anthology (March 12). Carousel patrons should go to the Actors' Summit website or call 330.342.0800 for information. For its part, Carousel has directed its patrons to contact their credit-card companies to get a refund.

For years, Zygote Press has coordinated an exchange between printmakers from Ohio and the Grafikwerkstatt commercial printmaking facility in Dresden, Germany. Usually two artists associated with one organization trade places with two from the other for a six-week residency, funded in part by the Ohio Arts Council. Later this month the OAC's Riffe Gallery (77 S. High St., Columbus) will present Visual Dialogues, a show of works created through the exchange and curated by Nicholas Hill. The idea is to highlight the dialogue that happens through the differing points of view: Cleveland's Zygote Press is an artist-based facility, while the Grafikwerkstatt emphasizes printmaking as a journeyman's craft. Local artists who have both participated in the exchange and will have work in the show include Claudio Orso-Giacone of Oberlin; Wendy Collin Sorin, until recently from Cleveland Heights; and Susan Squires of Cleveland Heights. Visual Dialogues opens at 5 p.m. January 29 and continues through April 12. You might expect an "opening reception" for this kind of thing, but state regulations preclude the provision of refreshments by the OAC-run gallery. Go to or call 614.644.9624.


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