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Cereal Banter


Meet the Band: Joseph Rafidi (beats, keys, vocals) and Molly McKay (keys, bells, vocals)

A History Lesson: This Cleveland/Youngstown group launched as a trio in late 2009 and released their debut single "Edible Confetti" last year. After co-founder Tony Moscorelli left, Rafidi and McKay reworked Cereal Banter as a mind-tripping duo.

So Much Going On Your Head Will Explode: In their own words, Rafidi and McKay combine "keyboard-kissed krautrock and crunchy pop with gigantasaurus beats, wordless choruses, and a joyous austerity. We've been known to make glitter pop out of your skull via your eye orbits."

Fire Up the Bong: Cereal Banter are a neo-psychedelic romp, evoking Frank Zappa's brain swirls while the Flaming Lips whisper in your ear.

Meat the Band: The duo's debut EP, Meatier Shower, comes out next month.

Why They Say They Matter: "We blast the sound and energy of a full band, sans computers and caffeine," says Rafidi. "Your grandkids will wish you knew us."

Why We Say They Matter: Cereal Banter never play their songs the same way twice. It's not self-serving jamming, though. Think of it more as an organic connection that occurs from revising their work based on the audience.

Where You Can Hear

Where You Can See Them: At Bela Dubby on April 22 and at the Lemon Grove in Youngstown on April 29. — Jara Anton

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