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Flowers in Flames

Meet the Band:

David Chavez (guitars, vocals, synths), Cynthia Dimitroff (vocals, synths, guitars), Jeff Dubois (bass), and Jeff Pell (drums) 

Back in Black: Flowers in Flames grab inspiration from '80s-era goths like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Cure. Sprinkle some even older-school Velvet Underground and David Bowie in there too for "a captivating spark of musical energy," according to Chavez.

A Brief History: Chavez and Dimitroff formed the band in 2006. Their original rhythm section split a year later. After Dubois and Pell joined, they began working on their self-titled debut album, which was released in 2008. They're currently working on the follow-up.

Well-Known Pleasures: Despite Chavez's claim that Flowers in Flames have "a sound which had never quite been heard before," we actually hear a lot of Joy Division and other '80s gloom merchants in their music. Not that we're complaining. Cleveland needs more bands like this.

Why They Say They Matter: "In a sea of indie rock and hip-hop acts, we stand out as tuned in to an era when songwriting and stage performance mattered," says Chavez.

Why We Say They Matter: There are times when we just need to get our goth on. Flowers in Flames' rolling drums and swooshing synths do the trick.


Where You Can Hear Them: 

Where You can See Them: At the Garage Bar on May 7, Musica on June 18, and the Grog Shop on June 29. — Jara Anton


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