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Meet the Band: It's actually one guy — one kid: 15-year-old rapper Jesse "Jmo" Morris from Canton.

Basement Tapes: Jmo had no idea he could rap until an impromptu basement freestyle with friends. Since then he's released three mixtapes and is working on a fourth. He promises that 4 Eyes on the Prize will include a whopping 30 tracks and a double dose of maturity.

Thank You, (Based) God:

Jmo's influences are numerous and varied — going all the way back to old-schoolers Nas and Fugees. But one stands out among the rest: "I am really inspired by Lil B," he says. "I enjoy his music because it's funny and allows you to be you."

Never Say Never: Jmo's got a conquer-the-world attitude that might remind you of another sandy-haired boy wonder. "A lot of kids my age are more worried about what people think about them, while I, quite frankly, don't care," he says. "I really love music. I'm glad I fell in love with it at such an early age."

Why He Says He Matters:

"My sound is almost right about where I want it to be. My flow is really old-school, but I bring it to new-school beats for a different kind of hip-hop."

Why We Say He Matters:

How many 15-year-old kids do you know who've released four mixtapes? Plus, the dude can flow.

Where You Can Hear Him:

Where You Can See Him:

Opening for Twista at Peabody's on Saturday, August 13. — Lydia Munnell

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