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Jason Burns


Meet the Artist: Cleveland DJ and producer Jason Burns

Look Like You Give a Shit: Burns is known for his enthusiasm behind the turntables. "People expect to be engaged," he says. "You can't just stand there looking down at your gear. If you're not into what you're doing, why should the crowd be?"

Hold the Hyphens, Please: These days, there's so many subgenres in electronic music that it gets confusing. Burns prefers simplicity. "I'm a bit uncomfortable using the term post-dubstep, because it sounds so pretentious," he says. "At this point, I'm content to just make music I like and let someone else figure out what to call it."

Don't Be a Dick: Burns has been getting much praise from the electronic community, including XLR8R magazine, for his latest EP, See Thru You. But he refuses to let it go to his head. "My focus has just been on making good music with the hope that someone will notice eventually," he says. "I've been lucky to have people who believe in what I'm doing."

Why You Should Hear Him: Burns' tracks can rock a party, but they go beyond your typical booty-shaking fodder. He keeps things interesting, fearlessly coloring outside the lines with his spacey soundscapes.

Where You Can Hear Him:

Where You Can See Him: At Ingenuity Fest on Saturday, September 17.

— Eddie Fleisher

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