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Shit-Box Jimmy


Meet the Band: Joey Nix (vocals and guitar), Aaron Beck (bass and vocals), and Drew Siegel (drums and vocals)

A Load of Crap: Nix says the band was named after his rusty old 1994 GMC Jimmy truck, which he sold sohe could buy a Vox amplifier. He claims the soul of the truck still lives inside the amp.

Hey, Hey, My, My: The members of Shit-Box Jimmy originally bonded over a shared love of Neil Young and warm beer. The twentysomethings have known each other since first grade, but they've been playing together for only about a year.

On the Record: Though their history as a band is short, the trio has made up for lost time in the studio. Their self-titled debut EP was released in April and was followed in July by another EP, Rock 'N' Roll Mansion. A new vinyl LP is currently in the works.

Why You Should Hear Them:

The band's music doesn't fall into any subcategories. They say they make good old-fashioned rock & roll, and from the sound of things, that pretty much nails it. You also won't find any hidden big statements in their songs. "We're in it to have fun," says Nix.

Where You Can Hear Them:

Where You Can See Them:

At the Five O'Clock Lounge on October 29. — Eddie Fleisher

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