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Third Class


Meet the Band: Lee Boyle (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Jack Boyle (drums, bass), and Pepe Parish (bass, drums).

A Rough Start: Originally formed as a rap duo in 1996, Lee and Parish let Lee's little brother Jack join "on the condition that he didn't try to hang out with us all the time." Their musical tastes eventually turned to indie rock, and Jack ended up hanging out all the time.

The Joke's on You: A recent mock hip-hop music video for "12 and 9" spotlights the Youngstown group's funny side. But it's not the first time. They're all involved with Bull Skit, which has uploaded more than 400 "off-the-wall sketch comedy" skits to YouTube. A tad too many? Check out "Sex Education."

We're All Poets Here: Third Class' second studio album, The Red Wheelbarrow, is a reference to the poet William Carlos Williams. Both Boyle boys are published poets. Jack even works at Kent State University's Wick Poetry Center.

Why They'll Never Grow Up:

The band's upcoming EP features songs like "Kitty-Cat Eyes" and "Heaven and Ice Cream." "The album's overall theme is childhood," says Lee. "Much like the band's other efforts."

Where You Can Hear Them:

Where You Can See Them: At Caribou Coffee (1 North Hawkins Ave. in Akron) on November 19.

Michael Tkach

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