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Two Hand Fools


Meet the Band: Ryan Johns (guitar, vocals), Molly Lape (bass, vocals), Tyler Sickels (guitar), and Adam Paduch (drums).

Graduation Day: Most high school bands never make it out of the drummer's basement, but Two Hand Fools have spent the past five years performing a half-dozen tours of the East Coast and Midwest, and recording two albums, an EP, and a seven-inch.

Big Steps: They play pop-leaning indie rock that recalls the boy-girl dynamic of bands like Imperial Teen and the New Pornographers. "We've all grown up a lot," says Lape. "Our sound has gotten more mature, creative."

Expect the Unexpected: The group attributes its longevity to one simple concept: "Unlike bands who treat a live show like it's a job — all stiff and boring — we try to have a lot of fun with it," says Johns. "Change up the pace, throw people a few curveballs."

Why You Should Hear Them: There are loose, impassioned cadences to Two Hand Fools' music, but there's also an undeniable talent for writing big hooks and melodies that beg to be hummed. Songs like "I'm Not Right for You" and "Green Light Go" blend cerebral, charming guitar rock with pop-punk desperation.

Where You Can Hear Them:

Where You can See Them:

At the Grog Shop on April 25.

Matt Whelihan

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