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These Knees


Meet the Artist: These Knees is actually singer, guitarist, bassist, pianist, and percussion player Stephanie Trivison.

Stumbling Into a Solo Project: After Trivison penned a quirky pop song that didn't fit the sound of Randomstereo, the band she was playing in, she formed These Knees. She immediately wrote and recorded five songs in her bedroom that became her first release, the Stumble EP.

Me, Myself, and I: Being a one-woman band can be daunting and fulfilling. "Having several perspectives on a song is important and something you don't always have when writing without a band," she says. "[But] playing alone challenges your musicality, stage presence, and the way you think about entertaining a group. I like that challenge."

Kid Rock: When she's writing songs, Trivison goes for melodies that have the simplicity and addictiveness of nursery rhymes. A song is good if "a four-year-old starts singing along," she says.

Why You Should Hear Her: There's a wide-eyed innocence to These Knees' indie pop, but there's also a respect for the music's traditions — especially when it comes to adding a little bit of sweetness to the mix. Check out her new EP, Ohio!

Where You Can Hear Her:

Where You Can See Her: At the Grog Shop on Saturday, May 19. — Matt Whelihan

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