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DoHM and the Dimeras gets graded

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The Lakewood beast called DoHM has been hard at work sharpening its metal claws. Since 2007's Watch the Rivers Run Red, a post-grunge experiment with inconsistent results, the five-piece has retrofitted its nü-metal sound with gnarly new talons. Its latest venture features songs such as "Time to Walk the Line" and "Rags to Riches" which emphasize Max Dixon and Conor Heldorfer's metal guitar work, as well as Brian Pritchard's lead-fisted drum blows and Brian Noll's death growls. The sound is similar to the hybrid alt-metal of System of a Down or the Deftones, and shapeshifts from melodic guitar grooves to a maelstrom of heavy drums and crackling choruses. Pritchard is the band's ringleader and main writer, while Noll spits and howls like a feral Chris Cornell. — Keith Gribbins

DoHM performs with Purse Snatcher and Theory in Perfect at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, June 27, at House of Blues Cambridge Room (308 Euclid Ave., 216.523.2583, Tickets: $10-$12.

The Dimeras

(Central Command Center)

Cleveland punk is steeped in a jagged history of booze, drugs and fast living; the music always sounds like the players were walking a hazy road into oblivion. The Dimeras continue to stumble as if they were pulled over on Prospect at 4 a.m. Even the format of their first release — the third cassette release on upstart Central Command Center — is old-school. "Boobie Trap" immediately kicks the lead out with rough garage-punk boogie that picks up where legendary Clevo rippers the TKOs left off. Featuring sleazy rudimentary guitar work, breakneck drums and a snotty howl, it's the perfect entrée to enjoy with that Pabst tall can. The distortion is fuzzy enough to fit right in with the best stuff tunes from the In the Red catalog. — Matthew Chernus


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