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Local H

With Lions and Townhouse Suite. 8 p.m. Friday, May 23, $10 (18+ only). Roc Bar, 1204 Old River Rd., West Bank of the Flats, 216-771-6655.



Oh, discriminating indie-rock fan: Don't knock Local H. Yes, they're a one-hit wonder from the '90s alt-rock boom, when "Bound for the Floor" was a big single for a few weeks in '96 — you know, that "You just don't get it/Keep it copacetic" song. But here's a treat for you, O skeptical one: A new B-side features a fuzzy cover of TV on the Radio's "Wolf Like Me." Check it out at Pretty good, huh? See you at the show, then. There's more to the band than one song — they're howling forever. PS: Austin rawkers Lions are worth showing up early to see.

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