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Local Rockers Sergio from Rio Sound All Grown Up on ‘Maturation by Association’



Sergio from Rio

Maturation by Association


The guys in this unassuming pop rock band sound a bit like Incubus on this new album, featuring soft vocals and songs that quickly shift from loud to quiet. "Spaces," for example, thrives on buzzing guitars and call-and-response vocals. "The Country" has a bit of twang to it — even though the lyrics suggest these guys aren't big fans of the outdoors — but doesn't sound out of place here. The warbling vocals on "Taking It Too Hard" and "End of the Road" can be a bit off-putting. But that's a minor complaint. The acoustic intro to the ballad "Sound of Letting Go" shows off the band's ability to take things down a notch and allows singer Dennis Quigney to get all emotional. It'd a nice change of pace, and the noisy guitar riff keeps the song from sounding too soft. Five albums in, the guys find themselves living up to the album title.

Sergio from Rio performs with Blacklister, Ricky's Heart and Despicable Feeling at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 29, at the Grog Shop.

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