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Look Who's Stalking


Alone With Her’s gimmick is a pretty good one, as far as movie gimmicks go. Colin Hanks (Tom’s son) plays a loner with a video camera who stalks a young woman. But director Eric Nicholas never sets his own camera directly on the stars. Rather, the story is seen through the lenses of the various surveillance gadgets Hanks carries around and has hidden throughout the girl’s apartment. What creeps you out more? That he plies her dog with treats while he rummages through her belongings, or that his life seems to revolve completely around the woman (e.g., he sleeps when she sleeps)? Plus, Jordana Spiro (star of TBS’ My Boys) once again steals the show, this time as the stalkee’s nosy friend.
Sat., March 10, 9:30 p.m.

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