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Lords of Acid

With DJ Red Boy. Sunday, November 10, at the Odeon.


Lords of Acid
  • Lords of Acid
The Lords of Acid are into whips. Chains. Leather. European hotties who whisper naughty come-hithers. And sex with multiple ambiguously oriented partners, all while under the influence of illegal substances. Ya know, the usual.

Yet even without lyrics like "Put me on your burning spear" or "I wanna sit on your face," the talented Lords of Acid would still pump out hardcore dance. Whether these Belgians are covering their CDs with a bevy of spread-eagle devil women or preaching the glories of copulation to the masses, the Lords of Acid have made a venerable career out of sex, drugs, and rock and roll turned up to 11. Fronted by various She-Hulks on Spanish fly, the Lords use jackhammer guitars and deep, charged beats to smash cities to the ground, then make off -- and out -- with all the party people.

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