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Losing His Religion

Ex-parochial schoolteacher can make any nun blush in comedy act.


To help ring in the New Year tonight — and the onslaught of college-football games this week — Illinois comedian Tim Cavanagh will regale his audiences with tales from the gridiron during two shows in Cuyahoga Falls. For starters, he'll recap the Army-Navy rivalry. "They play that game every year on land," says Cavanagh. "That's so unfair for the Navy." A former religion teacher at an all-girls' Catholic high school, he'll also dish out a few unorthodox quips about his family. "I caught my nephew playing doctor with the little girl next door," says Cavanagh. "Luckily, he hadn't touched her when I caught them. He was still taking her insurance information." The irreverence has only just begun: Armed with a guitar, Cavanagh will sprinkle his set with original tunes like "Get Drunk With Dignity" and "Really Safe Sex," which became staples on the syndicated Dr. Demento radio show. Their cheekiness will add to the end-of-the-year revelry. "New Year's Eve is always a great night to work," says Cavanagh. "It's one of those nights when, if you're in show business, you should work, because it's such a great party night." The cracks begin at 6 and 10:30 tonight at the Funny Stop, 1757 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls. Tickets are $24 to $50. Call 330-923-4700 or visit
Mon., Dec. 31, 6 & 10:30 p.m., 2007

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