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Lost in Translation

French film is kinda confusing, but looks great. Go figure.



In The Intruder, director Claire Denis seems more concerned with putting visual poetry onscreen than with telling a coherent story. The result is a beautifully elegiac tale about a 68-year-old man — an outdoorsman whom no one (including his neighbors and son) really likes — who leaves his cabin in France in search of a new heart on the black market.

Along the way, the film charts his journey, which also takes him to South Korea and Tahiti to look for another son — one who doesn't want to be found. Or at least, that's what we think happens. No matter — Denis' haunting, lyrical images stick with you long after the story fades.
Thu., March 30, 7 p.m.; Sat., April 1, 9:25 p.m.

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