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Lucy Kaplansky

Friday, February 10, at the Beachland Ballroom.


We'd all understand if Lucy Kaplansky begged out of this show, but she's intent on honoring her commitment. Kaplansky and the rest of the Minnesota-based Red House Records family were shocked by the sudden death of Bob Feldman, the label's founder and president, on January 11. The tour started less than a week after Feldman's death. Any plans for Kaplansky to record a follow-up to her magnificent 2004 release, The Red Thread, are now in flux. "I'm sure the label will continue," Kaplansky says. "There are some great people there, but Bob was Red House Records. He didn't designate a successor."

Joy, sorrow, and hard choices -- the red meat of folk music -- have always been a part of Kaplansky's life. Not long ago, she and husband Richard adopted a now-three-year-old Chinese girl, Molly ("the most wonderful thing I've ever done"). As for hard choices, Kaplansky gave up a healthy career as a clinical psychologist in 1993 to return to music (she and Shawn Colvin had been a duet in the early 1980s). A dozen years and five CDs later, it seems like a prescient move.

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