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Moments in Movement (Kill Rock Stars)


The Lady Sovereign of Oz? Maybe. But delve deeper into Macromantics' debut and you'll discover an MC sporting a more sophisticated flow, broader vocab, and grittier production. All of which means that it's hard to imagine Jay-Z courting this Aussie white girl for Def Jam. Just as well -- one Lady Sov is quite enough.

With Moments in Movement, Melbourne's Romy Hoffman -- who played guitar in Ben Lee's Noise Addict as a 15-year-old -- stakes her claim as one of the freshest female rappers since Jean Grae. Such producers as Buchman, Joker 70, Yoko Solo, and Tekromantik construct vividly funky and unconventional backdrops, over which Macro flexes her smart, contortionist lyrics. She's verbose, for sure, but Macro's imagery, internal rhyming skills, and authoritative delivery consistently impress -- and sometimes exhaust you. Concise she's not, though her linguistic deluge is virtually filler-free. So yeah, Moments requires several listens to absorb its meanings, but the music engages you enough to make the strenuous time commitment rewarding.

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