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Marshall Crenshaw

Saturday, December 9, at the Winchester.


Power-pop lovers, snap to it. Marshall Crenshaw is a-rarin' to be-bop all over you, with a pair of checkerboard shoes. Ever since he hit No. 36 on Billboard with 1982's "Something's Gonna Happen," the skinny-tie pub-rocker has been a favorite of . . . well . . . of the kind of folks who like to write about music in newspapers, if you wanna know the goddamn truth. But there's no denying it: Crenshaw is a real professional, a showbiz songwriter capable of delivering an infinite number of snappy little pop tunes that'll put the pink in your cheeks real easy. Then again, the Cren knows that nobody's in the mood to merrily skip rope all day, so he's peppered his catalog with smart, pensive songs about navigating the treacherous world of adults. And if all that's not enough for you, consider these two factoids: 1) Crenshaw played Buddy Holly in the 1989 biopic La Bamba, and 2) The surviving members of the MC5, the heaviest of all '60s rock bands, actually asked Crenshaw to fill the second guitar slot. Now that's range.

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