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Martina McBride's The Joy of Christmas

Saturday, December 2, at CSU's Wolstein Center.


Martina McBride knows good corn from bad. Take last year's Timeless, the Nashville vet's goodhearted tribute to old-school country music: Instead of drowning the tunes in sentimental schmaltz, the singer emphasized the homespun universality of the material; McBride went Hallmark, but not in a way that made you queasy.

This could change, however, with McBride's The Joy of Christmas. Promoted as "a two-hour multimedia event with elaborate sets, impressive special effects, and a talented cast of actors," the family-oriented holiday spectacular will surely contain its fair share of corny moments. But as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has proved with more guitar solos (and just as much hairspray), corn 'n' Christmas belong together.

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