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Meet the Band: David Curtis



Meet the Band: David Curtis (vocals, guitar)

A CLASSIC ROCK CASE: A Cleveland native, Curtis grew up in a musical household. "Classic rock was ingrained in me," he says. "My parents bought me a miniature acoustic guitar for Christmas when I was 4. It's been a passion and obsession." In his early teens, he started composing and arranging his own songs.

THE EP's THE THING: Two years ago, he released his debut, It Is What It Is, an album of pop rock and alternative tunes. For his latest album, Secret Rendezvous, he went to Mad Rabbit Studios in Uniontown. "It was awesome," he says of the recording experience. "It was overwhelming." He did pre-production in the studio with his band and then continued writing more songs while in the studio. "These five songs tell a story," he says, adding that playing in faraway places such as Turkey and Tokyo inspired the album. He even filmed the music video for the EP's first song, "Girl You Got It" in Hong Kong. "These songs are all about traveling the world, but I haven't done it with someone yet. It's like I've been traveling with a ghost."

WHY YOU SHOULD HEAR HIM: "Girl You Got It," a song based on an expression that his grandfather used, features an infectious guitar riff as Curtis adopts a soulful falsetto, whispering, "you got it/you got it/girl, you got it." He wrote the song while thinking about his grandfather. "I tend to write a lot of songs on acoustic [guitar] because you can hear each note in its true form," he says. "You can turn an acoustic song into a rock song or a metal song or anything. I always write the melody first; it will wake me up at three in the morning. The best songs can't be forced." He saved six songs for his next EP due sometime in the fall.

WHERE YOU can HEAR HIM: facebook/

WHERE YOU CAN SEE HIM: David Curtis performs at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 14, at the Alex Theatre.


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