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Meet the People of the 2019 Cleveland People Issue


There are but two qualifications to merit inclusion in our annual People issue. One, you're a Clevelander (or, more generally, a Northeast Ohioan). And two, you're a good person doing good things in the city. That's it. Which doesn't help us narrow down the list, of course, because this damn fine city is overflowing with candidates, but narrow it down we do, year after year.

This year's batch of 12 Clevelanders is as impressive as we've ever put together, we'll humbly admit, not because of anything we did but because of everything they've done and plan on doing. From activism to hospitality, from art to alterations, from longtime Clevelanders to relative newcomers, these dozen folks make us proud, and they should make you proud too. Dig in and get to know them.

People 2019 photos by Tim Harrison.

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