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Meg & Dia

With Sugarcult, Pink Spiders, and Damone. Monday, November 20, at House of Blues.


It takes serious dedication to play twice a day on a two-month tour in front of hordes of sweaty teenage boys, but that's exactly what Meg and Dia -- two young and pretty Korean American sisters from Utah -- did as part of last summer's Warped Tour. What's more, they proved to be much more than just "emo-rotic" fodder, proclaiming over the chugging guitars of "Indiana" that "I can do whatever I want."

Starting in their teens as an acoustic duo, they began their ascent with the gift of a guitar and a karaoke machine. Now a part of a foursome recording for Doghouse Records (and barely out of their teens), Dia's trembling yet soaring soprano and Meg's acoustic flourishes are the band's trademarks. While the disc Something Real successfully captures all the touchstones of the current emo sound, "Rebecca" offer a powerful piano ballad, and "Cardigan Weather" sails through its vocal acrobatics. With this kind of breadth and ability, Meg & Dia will be on the stage for years to come.

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