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Mindless Self Indulgence

Tuesday, April 29, at the Agora Ballroom.



It takes words like "calamity" and "catastrophe" to get to the heart of Mindless Self Indulgence. The New York band's blend of punk aggression and synthesizer abuse netted it prime spots in plenty of video games, a slot on the Projekt Revolution tour, and praise from peers like Korn. Mix in the group's smartass 'tude and unhinged stage show, and you've got something that's a hit with both the Hot Topic crowd and industrial-rock elitists. While the group's confrontational performances border on repugnant, deeper listens reveal hidden delights. MSI's new CD, If, comes out the same day the band plays the Agora this week. So you'll probably hear several new songs. If you're planning to go, fuel up on caffeine first — you'll need it to keep up with frontman Jimmy Urine's manic moves. Live, MSI is like an 18-car pileup that you can hum along to.

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