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Mommy and Daddy

With the Static Age, Eyes Like Knives, and the Painted. Friday, February 18, at the Lime Spider.


Mommy and Daddy
  • Mommy and Daddy
This New York duo are romantically involved and play sassy dance-punk with drum machines, keyboards, and fuzzed-out bass. This is about as thought-provoking today as sporting oversized flannel and greasy bangs was a decade ago.

Luckily, Mommy and Daddy aren't about thinking. On Fighting Style Killer Panda, a new six-track EP that's also the first record they've released in the States, Vivian Sarratt and Edmond Hallas strip dance-punk down to its brutal sex-rock essentials, like the Kills with more of an intentional sense of humor: "Run It Off" is a three-note bass riff laid over an excruciatingly simple drum beat; "Question Marks Followed by Exclamation Marks" is the same thing, but a little slower and with an off-key chorus; "Confection" manages to swing a little; "Street Cleaner Demeanor" has a synth bleep that sounds like your alarm clock. Hallas and Sarratt's big trick isn't divorcing style from substance; it's offering style instead of substance. Their sound is a reflection of the new New York cool, and since you can headbang to it and dance to it at the same time, it makes for somewhat killer filler.

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