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Money Where Your Mouth Is

THIS WEEK: 02.02-02.08

Band: The Same Things (;
Hometown: Akron/Canton
Sounds Like: "A mash-up of Squeeze and the Dream Syndicate, or Yo La Tengo covering Elvis Costello . . .Well, almost that good."
Fun Fact: "It's not very fun -- our bass player almost cut his ring finger off a few weeks ago. It should be back in working condition by our next show."
Playing: Saturday, February 4, at the Lime Spider, Akron
Why you should see them: "To support local music and stuff. Also, the Spider has kickass grilled-cheese sandwiches (and beer selection, but you knew that)." -- Friday Mike, guitar and vocals

Band: Sugar Magnolia (
Hometown: Cleveland
Sounds Like: "Past and present members of Wish You Were Here and other bands, reuniting to jam out their favorite Grateful Dead tunes after five years off. We may be a little rusty, but the heart is still beating."
Fun Fact: "We've gone through more drummers than Spinal Tap. We can't even remember some of their names!"
Playing: Saturday, February 4, at House of Blues
Why you should see them: "We're pro musicians, playing timeless American rock and roll. And I'll even buy a shot of Jäger for the first five strangers who ask. What a deal!" -- Eroc Sosinski, bass and vocals

Band: Keratoma (;
Hometown: Cleveland
Sounds Like: "Pantera/White Zombie/ Marilyn Manson/Ministry"
Fun Fact: "The singer's girlfriend is a Suicide Girl, and before every song she holds up the name of the song on poster board, like a boxing round. And the logo is a big middle finger."
Playing: Saturday, February 4, at Peabody's
Why you should see them: "Because they hate you." -- Thomas Shaffner, guitars

Event: Violent Playground (
Hometown: Cleveland
Sounds Like: "The music in a really cool club that you'd see in a movie like The Matrix or Blade."
Fun Fact: "DJ Cable was the originator of the now infamous Chamber in Lakewood and longtime host of the legendary industrial program Nerve Damage on WCSB."
Happening: Friday, February 3, at the Phantasy
Why you should go: "A unique mix of old and new industrial-goth-alternative club tracks. You'll hear seamless beat-mixing and segues between the likes of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of Mercy, and the Cure, blended with VNV Nation, Combichrist, Delerium, and Covenant." -- DJ Cable

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