Seasonal Special Happenings

Monkey Business

When: Sat., Nov. 2 2013

The Room and Rocky Horror seldom get old, granted, but it’s nice to switch up the late-night repertoire at the Cedar Lee every once in awhile. Tonight at midnight, you’ll get to see the 1995 sci-fi cult classic Twelve Monkeys for only five measley dollars. Twelve Monkeys stars Bruce Willis as a convict of the future who’s sent back in time to investigate the virulent man-man virus which wiped out buttloads of the human race back when. He gets sent to 1990 (the ANCIENT PAST!) and is locked up in a mental hospital where he meets the insane son of a viral scientist. Madeleine Stow and Brad Pitt co-star, as a psychiatrist and the “insane son,” respectively. Pitt’s schizophrenic performance even earned him an Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe win. (Sam Allard)

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