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Morbid Angel

With Behemoth. Thursday, April 13, at Peabody's Down Under.


Starting as a decidedly anti-Christian band, Tampa's Morbid Angel quickly made a name for itself in music and the mainstream media during the early '90s. Blessed Are the Sick defined the early years of Death Metal. Lyrics centered around a distaste for modern religion ("Ghouls who pray the death of God/Destroy Jehovah's church/Vomit upon the cross/And burn the book of lies"), stealing attention away from the talent of the musicians involved. Guitarist Trey Azagthoth was a huge inspiration in the development of modern death metal, helping to forge a live sound akin to brushing your teeth with a barbed-wire baseball bat.

Touring behind a re-release of its first record, 1989's Altars of Madness, the band has reunited with original singer-bass player David Vincent, after parting ways with Steve Tucker, his replacement. Given the recent resurgence of a sound it helped pioneer, Morbid Angel shouldn't have any trouble winning the hearts and minds of a new generation.

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