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Mother Yucker

Local gagster spares no one — old lady included.


Darrin Bates' mom gets no respect tonight during his first-ever Giggly Wiggly comedy night at the gay nightspot Grid. The Cleveland funnyman swears she doesn't care that she's the brunt of his jokes, since he's only telling the truth about her pot-smoking and an equally annoying addiction to the daily horoscope. "She says, 'I want to see how many stars I'm getting next to my sign.' Then I kick her in the head. Yeah, she'll be seeing stars for a fucking week," says the 22-year-old Bates. "Don't judge me, people. It's saving me 50 cents a day on a newspaper." As host of the weekly show, Bates will swap stage time with fellow gagmen Pasquale the Italian Comic and J.J. Johnson. At midnight, DJ Twon will take over the turntables to ride out the night with house and Top-40 tracks. Upcoming performances will also spotlight bands and hypnotists along with Bates' "raunchy" sets lampooning his family and friends. And although he's straight, the club's layout is ideal. "I saw the nice, huge floor, where I can have tables and a huge spotlight in the corner," says Bates. "And the dancing atmosphere after the show will keep the people around." Bates and company bump up the funny at 10 tonight at the Grid & Orbit, 1437 St. Clair Avenue. Admission is $10. Call 216-623-0113 or visit
Wednesdays, 10 p.m., 2008

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