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Mud City Manglers

With Master Mechanic and Hot Damn. Saturday, April 3, at Pat's in the Flats.


"Nobody's happy living in Pittsburgh," a sampled bit of movie dialogue declares on Heart Full of Hate, the latest from Pennsylvania's Mud City Manglers, a band that sounds like living proof of those words. Piss-drunk and pissed off, the trio plays short-tempered gutter rock that's meaner than your stepdad. Growling frontman Ted sings like a man with no money, no hope, and no friends that he doesn't want to kill. His lyrics don't get much more involved than "1, 2, 3, 4 motherfucker here I come," and they really don't need to. You don't rent porn for the dialogue, and you don't turn to the Manglers for anything but the same kind of dirty, immediate kicks. If "there's nothing more life-affirming than getting the shit kicked out of you," as this band contends, show up at their Saturday gig, and maybe you'll live forever.

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