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Murali Coryell

Saturday, January 6, at Fat Fish Blue.


Whether by example or by DNA, Murali Coryell definitely picked up his trailblazing spirit from his celebrated dad. Guitarist Larry Coryell crossbred his formidable jazz technique with '60s rock and blues years before critics started tossing around the now-dreaded fusion label.

Murali possesses the sort of chops one would expect of a master player's offspring, but when it comes to the pipes, his pops can't keep up. On Eyes Wide Open, his debut from '95, Murali draws deeply from such classic soul men as Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, forging his own path as vocalist, axeman, and especially songwriter.

But blues is also a big piece to the puzzle. The upstate New Yorker has served time as a sideman for Duke Robillard and has cut a well-received set of Chess Records classics titled 2120. Mingling a breadth of styles, Coryell's new EP, Future of Blues, once again exhibits a total disregard for borders that seems to run in the family.

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