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With Cobra Verde and Shellshag. Friday, September 17, at the Grog Shop.


  • Nebula
The boys of Nebula are known to bring rock with a lot of its accompanying roll in the thickest, heaviest, and skunkiest of stoner traditions. Yeah, "stoner rock" is probably just as vague a term as "emo," but if you can picture a bunch of longhairs in beat-up leather jackets, passing around a joint in a Chevy van, blazing down the Pacific Coast Highway, you should have a clear notion of what kind of music they're listening to. There's a nasty guitar jacked all the way up, snaking in and out of an X-rated bass line. The singer is singing something, but it doesn't matter what it is, because he means it in that Motor City gospel revival kind of way. And yes, the drummer knows exactly where to play that damn cowbell.

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