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Friday, April 13, at the Museum of Contemporary Art.


In a world where most so-called musicians brag about the deals they scored at Guitar Center's green tag sale, the Boston trio Neptune have literally built themselves a world of music by trolling through dumpsters and garbage heaps. True DIY freaks, Jason Sanford, Mark Pearson, and Daniel Boucher have fashioned amplified springs, homemade oscillators and synthesizers, guitars made out of saw blades and VCRs, and various other far-out instruments. These alien creations have been the focal point of the band's industrial noise-rock since the group was formed to showcase Sanford's art-school sculpture project in 1994.

Regular touring and recording (expect a full-length on the Table of the Elements label in the near future) have kept Neptune's music continually evolving. Combining a breadth of media in the live setting, the group is also known for incendiary performance-art and improvisation. With that, on top of their scrap-heap instruments and rusted-out metallic rock sounds, the band's otherworldly shows attack several senses at once.

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