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Nightmare of You

Infomaniac (Bevonshire)


Infomaniac must have been recorded in a studio next door to neighbors who don't like loud music. The guitars sound like they've been turned down to five, drummer Michael Fleischmann's playing is sedated and singer Brandon Reilly's delivery is lukewarm. This is indie-pop, which allows songs like "Good Morning, Waster" and "A Pair of Blue Eyes" to succeed despite being muted. But for the most part, the mixing is questionable and the performances lackluster. On "Someday, But Not Today" the rhythm guitar gets lost, while the horns on "Experimental Bed" are so quiet they sound like a frog croaking in the distance. The band picks up the tempo on "Amsterdam," but Reilly quickly kills the mood with his disinterested crooning. It's a shame when poor studio decisions ruin a batch of mature pop tunes, but Infomaniac sounds like it was recorded while everyone was half asleep. Rock may be more than just volume, but pop relies just as much on performance as it does on writing. — Matt Whelihan

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