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Nine Shocks Terror

With Misery Index and Disfear, Wednesday, May 17, at the Jigsaw Saloon & Stage.



Tony Erba, bassist and founding member of hardcore stalwart Nine Shocks Terror, could be called a trailblazer; he's resided within the Cleveland music scene for decades, proclaiming himself Parma's "Greatest Natural Resource" for nearly as long. Driving down memory lane with Erba is bittersweet -- we rarely hear the names Variety Theatre or Speak in Tongues uttered in the shadow of the House of Blues era -- but his stories are pure Cleveland legend, like their show with the Subhumans: "Some girl OD'd, there were fireworks . . . The show ended up being delayed for over an hour because fire trucks showed up," Erba recounts. Celebrating 10 years of tooth-grinding punk preeminence, the band has recorded a new seven-inch for release on Havoc Records.

Also on the bill, East Coast metal group Misery Index is giving kids new reason to break out their bullet belts. Combining brutal double-bass drum assaults with vocals ripped off from Mephistopheles himself, the band easily crosses the line, leaving heads of metal and hardcore fans alike with stiff necks. Having toured with Napalm Death and Behemoth, the Index is likely to unleash an onslaught of shredding.

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