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Norm Nardini

With Holmberg and the Dead & the Mad. 9 p.m. Saturday, October 13, $7. Wilbert's, 812 Huron Rd. E., 216-902-4663.


Norm Nardini has been in the rock 'n' roll game for dangerously close to 40 years now, but this ain't no oldies show. His ace squad of veterans plays an all-original set of classic-sounding material developed over four decades, under the influence of classic rock, blues, soul, country, and standards. In between songs, he's an old-school showman who still has a mile-a-minute stage rap. "I've been slugging it out for 35, 40 years," says Nardini. "And for the older guys doing it, I don't know that anybody's more competitive than we are." Then the self-declared "undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned king of rock and roll" adds, with a chuckle, "I'm a freak of nature." The king holds court this weekend. Come see heads roll.

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