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Norma Jean

With Fear Before the March of Flames, Between the Buried and Me, and Misery Signals. Monday, November 27, at Peabody's.


With 2005's O God, the Aftermath, Norma Jean took brutal metalcore as far as it could go. The gang of Christians roared like demons over relentless bursts of guitar and concussive drum bursts. On Redeemer, Norma Jean's latest, the band cuts out the Headbanger's Ball clichés and just rocks without sacrificing the heavy. The Atlanta barbecue fanatics chose an unlikely producer for the disc: noted nü-metal specialist Ross Robinson, who's coaxed, cajoled, and beaten remarkable efforts out of not just Korn and Slipknot, but At the Drive-In and the Cure. "We wanted to have a full-on, passionate, high-energy, fun record," says frontman Cory Brandan. "It's just rock and roll."

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