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Obie Trice

With Psych Ward. Friday, January 5, at Peabody's.


Members of Eminem's D12 crew are crawling all over Cleveland this week (see the feature story on Bizarre). In fact, it was Bizarre, that crazy dude with a shower cap, who introduced rapper Obie Trice to Eminem. After several underground hits, including "Dope Jobs Homeless" and "The Well Known Asshole," Trice signed to Shayde Records in 2000, and in 2002 he appeared in 8 Mile as one of the rappers in the Chin Tiki parking lot scene.

In December 2005, two years after Trice dropped his debut, Cheer, gunmen shot him in the head while he was driving down a Detroit highway. Miraculously, doctors released him that same day (the bullet remains lodged in his skull). This incident didn't slow down Trice's career in the least; for proof, simply check out the excellent track "Snitch," his recent single with Akon.

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