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With This Moment in Black History and Roué. Wednesday, August 2, at the Beachland Tavern.


The indie-rock canon is lucky to have Oneida. In 10 years together, the members of this Brooklyn collective have never compromised their enigmatic sound. For them, messy is beautiful, and disjointed ramblings sum up their concocted lyrics. Happy New Year, which was initially slated to be a three-piece head trip, is the band's eighth album and its first for its new, personal label, Brah Records.

Oneida's intangible genre-bending indie-rock canvas is as sharp as ever, complete with wispy electronic tics, churning electric guitars, and hypnotic mumblings. Kid Millions, Bobby Matador, and Baby Jane perfect their peculiar wizardry throughout these 11 mini-epics. Songs such as the knotty electro-kraut "Up With People" and the psychedelic ebb and flow of "History's Great Navigators" reflect upon the album's eccentric renaissance and the salvation of mankind. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, people. Embrace the idea that weirdos have always been cool. Preps, freaks, toadstools, and the literati can all be friends, and Oneida makes it possible on Happy New Year. Clink your glasses, peeps!

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