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Opening: Stand Up Guys


Yet another movie starring a bunch of old actors who poke fun at their senior citizen status, Stand Up Guys doesn’t live up to the kind of expectations you’d attach to a film with such a stellar cast. Al Pacino stars as Val, a criminal who immediately hooks up with his old pal Doc (Christopher Walken) upon his release from prison. Val makes it clear that he’s ready to “party,” and a quick trip to the local brothel enables him to work out some of his aggression but also results in a bit of a medical emergency after he pops too much Viagra to get the job done. The old guy jokes then come fast and furious (or slow and mellow, as the case might be) as Val and Doc get into a bit of trouble with the local crimelord who wants Val dead. They pick up their old pal Richard (Alan Arkin) and it’s on as they essentially go to the war with the bad guys. But despite the high-caliber cast, the film’s talky script and ho-hum storyline just never springs to life.

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