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Rocket Scientists issues its first CD in six years at Winchester concert.


The prog-rock vets of Rocket Scientists shoot into Lakewood tonight in a reflective yet optimistic mood. The L.A. band's five-disc boxed set, Looking Backward, has just hit the market along with their six-years-in-the-making album, Revolution Road. The disc took that long to piece together because drummer Shaun Guerin died and the band shelved the project for awhile. "We kinda felt it would be better to take a break instead of just getting another drummer," says Erik Norlander, the band's keyboardist, who's married to fellow rocker Lana Lane. "I did a solo album, I worked on my wife's album, but we never worked as the Rocket Scientists."In 2006, the trio pulled together, picked up the demos, and decided the time had come to finish what they'd started. Revolution Road now picks up where their last album, Oblivion Days, left off: strong songwriting and a seamless fusion of '60s pop sensibilities, '70s prog-rock, and a dash of jazz and psychedelic riff. "We always had focus on melody. We put the display of chops and fireworks secondary to that," says Norlander. "We've kept that spirit." Rocket Scientists takes the stage at 9 tonight at the Winchester, 12112 Madison Avenue in Lakewood. Tickets are $20. Call 216-226-5681 or visit
Sat., March 29, 9 p.m., 2008

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