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Paprikash vs. Paprikash

A traditional dish goes chili and rib route.


Chicken paprikash isn’t difficult to make. All you need is some poultry, a pot, and various spices. Very simple<\!s>.<\!s>.<\!s>. unless you’re participating in tonight’s Chicken Paprikash Cook-Off at the Studio of 5 Rings, where the competition gets fierce and the flavors get complex. “The number of variations seems limitless,” says Matt Cook, owner of the downtown winery and art gallery. “Many people are proud of their secret family recipes. This is a great way for others to enjoy them.”

The event started a few years ago when Rings patrons hosted cook-offs in their homes. It got so popular that Cook opened his doors to accommodate the growing number of entries. It’s a perfect fit, he says, since he stocks many vintages that complement chicken paprikash.

In addition to tasting merlot, chardonnay, and pinot grigio, expect to see Chinese scrolls and other fine art gathered from across the country. “Everyone does chili or rib cook-offs,” he says. “This is different and evokes curiosity.”
Sat., Jan. 20, 7 p.m.

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