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Pat Travers

Pat Travers, with Rick Ray Band, TBS, and BMZ. Wednesday, November 30, at Peabody's.


The first requirement of a rock guitar god is to, well, rock, and not many can match Pat Travers on that point. With chops to rival those of most any peer, Travers released a string of successful mid-'70s and '80s albums, picking up a slew of fans with his versatility and radio-friendly voice, but mostly by serving up course after course of high-energy crowd-pleasing rock.

After cutting his teeth on the usual '60s influences during his formative years, the Toronto-bred Travers took a giant step into the past by immersing himself in the world of Canadian blues-and-roots godfather Ronnie Hawkins. As lead guitarist in the Hawks -- the outfit that launched the career of Band guitarist Robbie Robertson, among others -- Travers tempered his flash and took on the roots styles that would characterize his future guitar work. Moving to London in 1974, he released his highly successful debut LP two years later.

In recent times, Travers has stuck with the trio format, teaming up with drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge/Cactus/Jeff Beck), with whom Travers has revisited old hits and assorted vintage gems. The co-leaders have put out three discs, including last month's Bazooka. In addition, Travers released his own PT=MC2 this past summer with bassist Rick Navarro and drummer Eric Frates. Word from the road is that the man still rocks as hard as his fans remember from back in the day.

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