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Paul Van Dyk

With Edgar V. Thursday, November 23, at Metropolis.


Nobody ever called Paul Van Dyk a rock-star DJ. Even at the turn of the millennium, when his fan base ballooned to pop-star proportions, the German trance-jock never popped open champagne bottles in the booth while picking out his nightly conquest from a line of fawning groupies. In fact, judging by Global, Van Dyk's 2003 tour DVD, the man is focused soley on spinning records when he's behind the turntables. And that's cool. Globetrotting DJs no longer command huge audiences, and Van Dyk, who started out as a carpenter in Cold War-era Berlin, still works at his craft with a slow, steady dedication. Night after night, he plies the crowd with arpeggiated synth chords and haunting, whispery vocals, building carefully toward nirvana.

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