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With Yakuza and Sun God. Monday, October 16, at the Grog Shop.


Pelican leavens the ominous churn of doom metal with a sense of elegance lifted from King Crimson. Their glacially paced epics feature repeated droning riffs that slowly gather intensity and complexity. The sometimes plodding instrumentals are insistently melodic, producing a hypnotic effect, like the Jesus and Mary Chain enveloped in the narcotic metal sludge of Sleep. The sound varies widely, ranging from throbbing thunder to acoustic guitar-driven tracks. Pelican's latticeworks of guitar are born of Chicago's post- and math-rock legacy, but the compositions are rarely as dry or cerebral. Instead, there's an organic quality to the ever-evolving arrangements. With its combination of heft, hooks, and prog-rock profligacy, Pelican appeals to fans of everything from Floyd and Sabbath to Tortoise.

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