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Phish Gets Adventurous on ‘Fuego’

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Thirty years into one of the most successful rock 'n' roll endeavors ever, four nerds from Vermont are dropping yet another bold statement album. Following a mind-blowing fall 2013 tour and a stunning New Year's Eve run in NYC, the release of Fuego distills the best parts of contemporary Phish. Take the opening title track, which spans nearly 10 minutes of theatrical rock and includes adventurous instrumentation from each musician. Parts of that song, by the way, were recorded onstage during soundcheck in Atlantic City last fall. There's "The Line," all upbeat and jaunty, along with the funk-laden "555" and the lilting "Winterqueen." After the drop midway through "Wingsuit," the closing solo(s) will make longtime fans weep with joy. The mixing, likewise, is top-notch (Bob Ezrin [The Wall] produced this beast). Even better, the band's summer tour begins July 1, and all of these tunes are sure to get some mighty fine type-II hydra treatment.


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