Photos of the New 'Brewerania' on Display at Prosperity Social Club 

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Cleveland-made craft beers are all the rage these days. But the city has a long history of producing quality beverages. In order to pay homage to that history, Prosperity Social Club recently gave itself a makeover of sorts and now has a permanent display of historic signage, advertisements, crates, framed photos and other Cleveland “brewerania.” Owner Bonnie Flinner acquired the vintage memorabilia from a lifelong collector. “We’re excited to incorporate all of these treasures into the barroom décor,” she says in a press release. “We’ve always featured vintage industry collectibles, but we’re strengthening our focus on hometown beer advertising with impressive pieces from Erin Brew, Carling Brewing Company and others.” She hung the sign that reads “Drink Beer Made in Cleveland” behind the bar and has put more Cleveland craft brews on tap. She’s also put the #ThisisCle Kishka Sandwich, a Kielbaski with bacon sauerkraut, Stadium Mustard hollandaise and frizzled onion straws served on a toasted Orlando Baking Company baguette, on the menu as something that will compliment the Cleveland-centric décor.
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