Pictures For "A Traffic Ticket and a Bullet Through the Chest" 

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Pictures from this week's cover story on the shooting of Greg Love by Cleveland Police Officer Vincent Montague
OF 8
A Vine user posted five clips of the scene from the West Sixth and St. Clair intersection. Click here to see his posts. Click here to see his posts.
Cleveland Police Officer Vincent Montague, who shot Greg Love on June 23, 2013 in downtown Cleveland
Emanuel Wallace/Cleveland Scene
Left: Officer Montague was looking for Love's keys near the steering column, but here's where they actually were. Right: Love reenacts how he was positioned when he was shot
Doug Brown/Cleveland Scene
This surveillance camera on the corner of St. Clair and West Sixth caught the action below
Doug Brown/Cleveland Scene
Greg Love was shot in this intersection
Doug Brown/Cleveland Scene
Doug Brown/Cleveland Scene