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Pig Destroyer

With Total Fucking Destruction and Plague Bringer. Thursday, July 26, at Peabody's.


Phantom Limb, Pig Destroyer's fourth disc, sounds like the others: scary as all hell. In terms of killer jams, perfect recordings, and grotesque cover art, no metal band today can run with these sick bastards from West Virginia.

2001's Prowler in the Yard came with a letter written by a guy sitting in his car, getting ready to murder his ex-girlfriend. He had just bitten off his fingers or something. Sure, the letter was fake, but reading it while ingesting the disc's blood-splattered screams and machine-gun guitars was beyond effective.

According to sources (i.e., Wikipedia), singer J.R. Hayes said the band's intent for Phantom Limb was to create the most insane death-metal album of all time. The "most insane" issue is not a problem. Each of Phantom Limb's 14 songs mauls listeners with the ferocity of a rabid sabertooth cat. Packed with radical power and big blowouts, Phantom Limb also features plenty of awesome mosh breakdowns; guitarist Scott Hull comes up with plenty of slowed down Slayer-riffic violence. In fact, "Alexandria" is his best one yet -- or at least top 50.

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